April 5


Call Center Representative Job Description – Inbound Vs Outbound

By Global Strategic

April 5, 2022

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Which is the Better Job Description for a Call Center Representative? – Inbound or Outbound? 

The job description of a Call Center Representative often depends on whether one is inbound or outbound (and often both). What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? In this article, we’re going to discuss the tasks and responsibilities of a CSR in the Philippines for inbound and outbound calls. 

In the Philippines, the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is expanding at a rapid pace. Early outsourcing in the Philippines started out in 1992 and since then the industry bloomed thanks to “overly optimistic” government support.

Call Center Representative Job Description - Inbound Vs Outbound

According to an article from the London School of Economics, BPOs only come second to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) when it comes to remittances. Being such a valuable part of the economy in the Philippines it’s apparent that the BPO industry in the Philippines will definitely be here to stay. 

Likewise, this means a position as a call center representative is still one of the most in-demand jobs in the Philippines, especially in 2022.

After its infancy, outsourcing to the Philippines gradually evolved into an industry primarily occupied by call center work. Thus, those working in the industry are tasked to handle either inbound or outbound calls, or maybe both.

Just what exactly are the responsibilities of a call center agent in the Philippines?  

For the most part, a Call Center Representative’s tasks go far beyond just taking or answering calls. As such, even if you’re inbound or outbound, you could still have different tasks assigned to you depending on your clients’ needs.  

Because of this, agents need to be flexible as there will be times when unexpected setbacks occur. Still, the main skill that all call center agents need is good communication skills. In order to handle the duties of the job, individuals must have certain skillsets to be ready for life as a Call Center agent.

List of common tasks for call center agents in the Philippines: 

  • Answer inbound calls or make outbound calls. 
  • Provide solutions to complaints or issues from customers or clients. 
  • Provide a personalized service that meets the needs of customers. 
  • Give information regarding the company’s latest products and services. 
  • Upsell products and services.
  • Utilize available resources to find the information you require. 
  • When necessary, transfer calls to other members of the team. 
  • Make meaningful notes from your contacts with customers. 
  • Determine whether or not clients are experiencing any difficulties. 
  • Report customer feedback 
  • Organize and maintain customer databases. 
  • Follow up calls to customers 
  • Increase customer loyalty by providing a positive phone experience. 
  • Products and services can be upsold. 
  • Increase customer loyalty by providing a positive phone experience. 

Inbound vs Outbound in Call Centers 

The main difference between inbound and outbound calls is whether or not you’re answering or making calls. As the name implies, an inbound CSR primarily answers calls from customers, meanwhile, outbound call agents call people themselves. 


For inbound CSR agents, their tasks mostly revolve around handling questions from customers and resolving their concerns. Furthermore, an inbound call center also deals with complaints from customers.  

Unfortunately, some of these customers are going to be irate. So, an agent has to be polite, respectful, understanding, and have a deep understanding of company policy when it comes to services. 

Here are the type of inbound calls

Customer Service – A customer service agent is tasked with handling returns, customer feedback, and over-the-phone payments. Furthermore, according to an article from Roi Call Center Solutions, an inbound CSR could also handle updates on mailing addresses, and questions regarding policies and practices. 

Technical Support – Call center agents that are more into technical support handle customers’ concerns regarding products related to technology. The tasks range from fixing television signal issues to turning on computers. 

Most of the people calling here for help are likely to be those not versed in technology. As such, it’s imperial that a Technical Support Agent has a high level of patience. Moreover, you need to be capable of handling complaints and demands while still remaining calm and collected. 

Inbound Sales – In some cases, an inbound sales agent needs to answer calls from people who aren’t part of a company’s clientele. These are potential new customers who are looking for more information that could help them decide to switch or walk away from your service or product. 

During an inbound sales call, an inbound sales agent establishes a relationship with the potential new customer by finding common ground and providing helpful information.  


In some organizations, agents may be assigned to outbound calls depending on the needs of the client or account. As such, the job description of an outbound Call Center Representative would be focused on direct marketing programs, insurance claims, outbound lead generation, and prospect and market research. 

Here are some more responsibilities of an outbound call center representative: 

  • Survey taking – Customer satisfaction surveys provide critical information about the quality and effectiveness of the service or product the customer received. 
  • Scheduling – An agent may be tasked to schedule the day-to-day activities of a client. As such agents need to call clients as a reminder of the activities they need to be attending. 
  • Appointment Setting – Outbound agents arrange meetings or appointments between the customer or lead and the salesperson who has been assigned to them. They will clarify the most convenient time and date for the current or prospective client to speak with a company representative. To keep the prospect motivated to stay in touch, the agent should be efficient and accurate, as well as interesting. 

Global Strategic furthers those inherent values through a thorough interviewing and training process. We invest in our agents because we believe that a company is only as good as its employees. Global Strategic provides training to improve accent, call center etiquette, sales skills, and client-specific business knowledge. 

So, now that you’re ready to take on your next CSR Interview and want to take the next step in your career journey, Global Strategic wants to hear from you. Apply today and become our newest Back Office Associate or Call Center Representative or talk to our Recruiters about our other roles that may be suitable for you.