How do you ensure data integrity and security?

Data security is typically a client’s highest concern and our top priority. Global Strategic takes your security seriously. We are an ISO 27001:2013 certified company and utilize several security controls including biometric entry, CCTV, security guards as well as strict network controls and access restrictions. From a technology standpoint we ensure that our servers and firewalls are protected, maintained, and monitored. We also are able to utilize a VPN and remote desktop environment which allows for no housing of your data on-site and for us to complete work within your own web portal.

In addition to this, all of our staff are background checked and are not permitted to bring items in or out of our work environment. We make sure that we have the right people working for you so that you can rest assured that your data is safe with us.

Pricing – How much does it cost?

Our pricing depends on the specific roles and functions that you require. We start at USD $8.50/hr for data services and USD $9.75/hr for voice services (contingent on volume and task breakdown).

We also offer four packages for Social Media

How will we be perceived if we outsource?

Customer’s second concern is off-shore perception in the marketplace. Their clients may have issue or concern with the process. Given the points referenced earlier we are merely an extension of our customer’s internal work force and are governed by all the same IT security as if we were in the US. Furthermore the price differential of US to Philippine work force allows our customer the opportunity to deliver a more cost effective solution to their customer so that both companies may financially benefit in these tough economic times. Often times the money saved by utilizing this initiative is reallocated elsewhere, be it increased marketing, or technology investments or ancillary service offerings. Thus creating more opportunities for work within the U.S.

How do I know if I should be looking at outsourcing?

Evaluate your business and review your staffing. Do you have large volume swings, or seasonal highs and lows? Have you experienced high levels of attrition within certain operational functions like accounting, customer service, or general administrative functions? If you answer yes to any of these, you can benefit from leveraging an offshore partner. By doing so your business will gain much needed flexibility, allowing you to better handle the ebb and flow of your of your industry. It is much easier and more cost effective to increase and reduce staff off-shore than it is within our customers operation. By identifying and outsourcing your repeatable, data entry laden, redundant, and time consuming tasks, you can realize increased internal efficiency, enhanced productivity from your core competency staff, and ultimately tremendous cost savings all around.

What Industries benefit most from outsourcing?

All industry verticals are looking to reduce overhead in an effort to meet cash flow demands and maintain the same level of productivity and more importantly quality. Almost every company has tasks that are repetitive and keystroke intensive. As such almost any company big or small can realize some benefit from outsourcing. There are several service models offered to meet any business need.

What benefits have organizations derived from this approach?

In short, enhanced flexibility and cost savings! Those savings can now be used for capital improvements, raises for your now empowered and core competency staff, increases in your marketing budget, and funding of other operational initiatives.

What must organizations do to make this work and avoid doing to prevent problems?

Invest in the process – Training, system upgrade. We always say you can’t build a solid house without first investing in some solid architectural plans. Analyze your business process, determine what makes sense to outsource, and what you are comfortable outsourcing, then call us in to assess with you the best course of action.

What is the time difference in the Philippines, and do you work during our office hours?

The Philippines is 12 hours ahead of EST (13 during daylight savings). Depending on the business needs you want to address working first shift overseas can provide a time to market advantage. For example, legal process work can be assigned on Monday at 5:00PM EST and the work will begin being performed at 8:00PM EST and will be completed before the next business day EST. In this instance working first shift overseas is to the advantage of the client.

For VA’s, Network Ops, Social Media advisors etc, working the hours of the client is necessary and we run a 24/7 operation in the Philippines so we are able to meet any hours our clients will require.