Management Team

Mark Matsuyama, President

Mark Matsuyama graduated from Pepperdine University in 1992 with a B.S. in Business Administration. He gained his MBA in Global Management from the University of Phoenix in 2000. Prior to working with Global Strategic, Mr. Matsuyama was with Moss Codilis, LLP for five years where he managed outsource relationships with Bank One, Chase, Bank of America, Option One, Washington Mutual and People’s Choice Home Loan. His involvement focused on the mortgage servicing solutions divisions of these corporations with an emphasis on foreclosure, bankruptcy and loss mitigation. Mr. Matsuyama currently holds the position of President of Global Strategic. He presently resides in Manila overseeing the company’s Philippine and US based operations.

Rudy Casanova, Director of Global Sales

Rudy Casanova graduated from St. Mary’s University in 1992 and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. Mr. Casanova has worked in the mortgage servicing, default services, and real estate industry for the past 29 years working in various Executive Management positions for the following institutions; US Real Estate Services, First American, PHH Mortgage, Countrywide and Fannie Mae to name a few. In 2002, Mr. Casanova co-founded RainMaker Solutions, a marketing and consulting company that provides services to the mortgage servicing, legal default, and real estate industry executives. Currently Mr. Casanova holds the position as Director of Global Sales and is a managing partner for Global Strategic Business Process Solutions Inc.

Rhodelia Matsuyama, Executive Vice President

Rhodelia B. Matsuyama received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree at the University Of Santo Tomas Philippines in 1988. Prior to working with Global Strategic, Ms. Matsuyama worked in the Loan Servicing Industry for over 17 years where she gained considerable experience while working with Great Western Bank, Aames Financial Corporation and Moss Codilis, LLP. While at Moss Codilis, LLP she managed the on site bankruptcy outsource relationships at Washington Mutual, Bank One and People’s Choice Home Loan, Inc. Ms. Matsuyama’s experience includes all aspects of customer service, bankruptcy, foreclosure, loss mitigation, title claims and record management. She presently resides in Manila where she manages the company’s Philippine based operation.

Felizardo “Jun” Lota, Senior Vice President

Mr. Lota graduated from De La Salle University in 1991 and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Mr. Lota has worked in the mortgage servicing industry for over nineteen years and has considerable experience in outsourcing. Mr. Lota was the Project Manager for Moss Codilils LLP for over 8 years heading up many outsource projects for various financial institutions. Mr. Lota also was the On-Site Manager for On Line Default Solutions, a Senior Foreclosure Technician for Countrywide, a Business Analyst and a Foreclosure Trustee Specialist for California Reconveyance Company. Currently Mr. Lota resides in the Philippines where he holds position as Senior Vice President of work flow and production.

Brian A. Flaherty, COO

Mr. Flaherty is a graduate from Monmouth University in 1999 and holds a BS in Medical Technology. Mr. Flaherty has 14 years experience in medical sales, technology staffing and outsourcing services. Over the past 10 years he headed up two startup outsource and staffing companies. Additionally he has founded and ran his own outsource consulting, and executive search firm. Mr. Flaherty has extensive experience in business development and outsourcing sales. Currently he resides in North Carolina.