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Why Outsource?

We provide Outsourcing Solutions to businesses worldwide, saving them thousands on their overhead costs

You’re doing things you shouldn’t.

As business owners, we tend to like to have control of our business. Unfortunately the result of this is we end up doing simple tasks that no business owner should spend time on.

Your staff are doing things they hate.

No one is great at everything… but your staff are juggling lots of different tasks. You always hear them saying “I’m just really busy!” They are overwhelmed because of the growing list of tasks they hate doing!

You’re bleeding profit in resources.

This one is simple. The more you pull your staff away from their skillset and passions, the more profit you lose. For example, your sales team, on average, is wasting 20% of their time handing administrative tasks. That means 20% of the time they are not generating revenue.

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Why Choose Us?

It doesn't matter how big or small your business is, we have you covered with a perfect solution.

Custom Solutions

We realize that every business is unique. That is why at Global Strategic we take pride in customizing our solution to meet the individual needs of our clients. We collaborate, think outside the box, and design a solution that is cost effective and efficient.

Highest Quality

When you outsource, quality is everything. We only hire the best to ensure we represent your business with the utmost professionalism. We aim to be your best, and most cost-effective staff!

Total Data Security

Global Strategic is ISO 27001:2013 certified and maintains strict information security controls which mitigate and eliminate threats in order to protect our client’s data. All staff are Global Strategic employees (not independent contractors) working out of our secure operations center, providing you peace of mind when outsourcing with us.