REO Billing and Reimbursement Services

Smart and cost-effective business process outsourcing solutions for companies worldwide

Our REO Billing and Reimbursement services are:

Efficient business process solutions for Real Estate professionals

Cost Effective

Save more than 50% of your expenses in billing and invoicing.


We offer customized solutions enabling us to adjust operations depending on the work volume.


Quick turnaround time so you’ll receive submissions in a timely manner.


We implement stringent quality checks to guarantee 100% accurate output, allowing a smooth and fast reimbursement process.


Global Strategic is an ISO 27001-certified company, which means that all sensitive data and information remain secured.

What we offer?

Global Strategic provides a wide range of real estate services to help real estate agents and brokers make the most of their time and focus on what really matters: getting sales. By working with us, you get access to skills, resources and talents that enables you to direct your efforts to your core competencies.

We provide fast, efficient and accurate billing and reimbursement services to help you get reimbursed faster and to improve your cash flow. We help maintain your books efficiently to guarantee a fast billing process and timely payments.

Our dedicated team is knowledgeable in several key areas of REO billing and reimbursement, including entering and paying bills, creating invoices, entering deposit, retrieving and updating property information, expense processing and submitting reimbursements.

We are Experienced in:

  • QuickBooks (20Maestro)
  • Buildium
  • Taza
  • Equator
  • LoanSphere (aka LPS/Invoice management/Blacknight)
  • Pyramid
  • Homesteps connect
  • Aspen iAgent
  • iClear
  • 24 AMN
  • Fannie AMN

Working with us means working with an experienced, dedicated and certified partner. With more than several years of offering end-to-end REO billing and reimbursement services, you can be confident to grow, innovate and broaden your business knowing that your reimbursement processes are being handled by the best in the industry.

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The Global experience has exceeded our expectations

“Covius performed an exhaustive search for an offshore partner and issued an RFP to more than six firms in various countries. Global was selected for a few critical reasons, namely (1) strong English speaking resources; (2) the Global Manila location was near to a number of our client’s offshore presence, and (3) Global’s investment in procuring an ISO 27001:2013 certification. Additionally, we sought a partner where Covius’s outsource relationship would be meaningful to our partner. The Global experience has exceeded our expectations and has not deviated from how the proposed engagement was portrayed to us in the diligence process!”

Jonathan Kunkle , Executive Director Covius

Global Strategic's VA staff is well trained

We manage 750 doors in Atlanta GA. Although my maintenance manager was getting overwhelmed I did not want to hire another person for what is already a crowded office. David Lightfritz introduced me to the Global Strategic way of doing business. We were able to get full time VA that documented all her work for a fraction of the cost of in office personnel. Global Strategic'c VA staff is trained in property management work flow and likely and already using the software you use now. I would highly recommend checking them out as a alternative to hiring more in office personnel.

Trent Ratliff

Working with Global

Working with Global allowed me the ability to only pay for the work I needed done.

Mike Prewett

Our efficiency has skyrocketed

Our efficiency has skyrocketed as leveraging Global has, in effect, enabled us to process 24 hours a day.

Dewayne Amos

I have used a virtual assistant

I have used a virtual assistant for the last 12 months and my business has skyrocketed! There is no way I could have done this without the help of Global Strategic.

Amanda Hardesty Render

We are saving a lot in labor costs

We are saving a lot in labor costs since we started working with Global Strategic.

Cathy Davies

Compass Property Management Group

I love their service. I've outsource a lot of my task to Global Solutions and my business is running smoother than ever. I have less ranker in the office, less complaining and less whining. No drama, no benefits to pay, no time off and best of all.. I'm spending a lot less than I was using local labor. I wish I'd done it soonest.

Theresa Mull

AHI Properties

We're going on our second year with Global and setting up our third VA with them now. We find their VA's well trained and found it easy to hook them into our workflow system. Global adjusts easily to our changing needs and give us great service.

Bryan Jenkins

Thank you Global Strategic for a job well done!

We have been using Global Strategic for the last year or so and it has really worked out well. The staff is efficient, productive, communicative, and a real part of our team. I would recommend their services. Their systems in place ensure that there is coverage for us and they request feedback and take our ideas to tweak their services as we need.

Thank you to all the Global Strategic group for a job well done!

Gregory Courage , General Manager - Foundation Property Management Inc.