About Us

Smart and cost-effective business process outsourcing solutions for companies worldwide

Our History

Since 2006 Global Strategic has been helping businesses achieve maximum efficiency and profitability through customized business solutions.  We have taken the burden of day-to-day back office operations off our clients’ shoulders, providing them the opportunity to focus on MORE.. .

  • More Flexibility
  • More Profitability
  • More Scalability
  • More time to focus on core competencies

Our company is owned and operated by a seasoned executive management team in the U.S. with two business operations centers in the Philippines. With a combination of 3 operations centers in the U.S and abroad we are uniquely qualified to address the most complex of back office solutions.

Global Strategic prides itself on providing uniquely customized solutions that meet the needs of each client. We achieve this by assessing and adjusting each campaign to adapt to our clients environment.

By creating a solution that addresses the pain of each customer, and has staff residing (Virtually) within the same operational environment, we are able provide a level of service that is not found anywhere else in our industry. Global is your staffing, efficiency, and cost savings partner, we are not a widget provider. A solution with us is dynamic and outside the box, we adapt to your needs, not the other way around like other service providers.

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Visionary Goals

Our collective goal at Global Strategic is to deliver innovative solutions that are cost-effective, creative, and delivered on-time, with clarity and ease. By accomplishing these goals, we will be able to retain our current clients while developing new business relationships across many industry verticals.

Core Purpose

Global Strategic develops custom offshore business process solutions for companies looking to increase daily efficiencies through creative labor initiatives and technology. Our solutions allow you to focus on your core competency which promotes growth, and enhances the mood and therefore the production of your in house staff.

Core Values

Global Strategic is committed to developing a level of trust with our clients by delivering reliable and consistent service. Simply put, our management team is committed to delivering the type of service that consumers have had difficulty finding in the offshore and outsource industry.