March 10


What is the importance of brand consistency?

By Global Strategic

March 10, 2016

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Integrity and consistency should be the top two considerations of every business when building their brand. You should be able to control as much as possible how your business is represented online and offline, which is only possible by setting specific standards. These standards should apply to all your branding materials including logo, the typefaces you use through all your collateral, your company color, your messaging and all company information. All these factors contribute to how your customers will get to know about your business and your value. Losing grip on these aspects can have serious or devastating effect on your reputation, sales conversion and overall brand image.

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First of all, what is consistent branding and what are the benefits of getting it right?

Achieving consistency in all areas of your marketing can be a headache, especially if you are working with different designers or you are outsourcing your graphics to a third party vendor. However, it is of utmost important that you make your designer realize the importance of getting all the details right. It means using the same business name, the same logo and company color. Why is this important?

  1. Avoid confusion. One of the most important reasons is to make it easier for your potential clients and customers to recognize you. It is easy for your audience to remember you and your brand if you are consistent with how you present yourself. If you use different logos or typeface, this might confuse people and will make it difficult for them to remember your business especially when faced with several choices.
  2. Build credibility. People trust things that they know and if they can’t recognize your logo or your brand, that can cost you sales. It is also easier for customers or clients to recognize your business if you’re using the same branding image across. Every time they see your logo or hear your business name, it gets registered to their memories subconsciously. Using the same logo reinforces this memory and they get familiar with it. People are more likely to choose businesses that are familiar because they consider them established and trustworthy.
  3. Increase in returns. When doing marketing campaigns, for example advertising, using coordinated and consistent graphics can boost your results. If you have two unmatched designs, you might end up with poorly performing marketing tools.
  4. Create legitimacy. Having a tight and consistent branding creates legitimacy. People can easily identify the brand even if they’re shown only the logo. Some concrete examples include Coca Cola, Mcdonalds and other multinational brands. They each have their own defined colors and logos that set them apart.


How do you make sure your branding is consistent?

  1. Make sure all your company information that you put out there is accurate and up to date.
  2. Use one logo. If you want to refresh your logo, make sure that the changes or alterations will not affect the overall impact of your company symbol.
  3. Choose a corporate color or color palette and stick with it. Make it the dominant color for all your company materials.
  4. Use consistent design throughout all of your materials-from business cards to company giveaways to your website.

If you’re planning to hire a graphic designer, you have to ensure that you choose a partner who understands your graphic design and branding requirements. Global Strategic provides graphic design services that are in line with our client’s business vision and marketing goals. Learn more about our graphic design services or request for a free quote here.

Remember that these elements are the visual representation of your company. Your logo conveys the collective impact of your company’s core values and proposition. By having consistent visual representation, you’ll effectively develop and strengthen your brand and your business’ overall impression.