December 6


Hire a Virtual Assistant now!

By Global Strategic

December 6, 2016

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As a business grows, there comes a time in every start-up company where you have to grow your team in order to meet your operational needs. Technology has now progressed to a level where business owners face a decision: to hire an employee for the company or to outsource the role.  As a business owner, time management is probably one of the most difficult parts of running a small business. A business owner has to handle a wide variety of different roles including data processing, accounting, marketing and other time-consuming tasks. At some point, it no longer is efficient, practical or even feasible for you to do this and your time and effort should be spent doing the more important tasks that require your valuable time. More and more businesses are turning to the outsource industry and some of the first things that start-up companies outsource are administrative and technical duties, which a virtual assistant can do.

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Virtual Assistants are skilled specialists who take over all of the tasks you wish to outsource and accomplish these tasks in their entirety, while being remotely located from another location.  The best thing about virtual assistants is that they provide professional administrative, technical, or even creative assistance to their clients without having to hire them the same way you would do so with in-office employees. This is an attractive alternative solution to small business owners who are just starting out than hiring a full time assistant or employee directly for their company.

Virtual assistant’s potential task list is limitless! Your virtual assistant can handle several different tasks, including:  Administrative Support, Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, Website Maintenance & Services, Accounting & Bookkeeping and Graphic Design.

What are the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant?

  • VAs have their own office space.  No need to provide office equipment or workstation.
  • You will be able to focus on the core functions of your business.
  • VAs work around your schedule to provide you services whenever you need it.
  • You can save money on employee training.
  • VAs can help you use your time wisely and efficiently.
  • Less risk to your business by not directly hiring staff.
  • VAs are usually less expensive than a full time employee.
  • You can hire a fully managed Virtual Assistant and lessen management burden.

Does hiring a Virtual Assistant sound appealing to you?  Having doubts or worries in finding the perfect VA for your business?

Do not hesitate to talk to us at Global Strategic Business Process Solutions!

We provide smart, flexible and hardworking virtual assistants to help your business complete these time consuming tasks so you can devote your time and resources to what you do best – growing your business.

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