July 14


Global Strategic PH Story: Athena Dayrit

By Global Strategic

July 14, 2017

“I’ll bet most of the companies that are in life-or-death battles got into that kind of trouble because they didn’t pay enough attention to developing their leaders.” – D. Wayne Calloway

global strategic ph story

A company is only as strong as its employees and Global Strategic consistently proves how true this is, especially in a very competitive industry.

Having most of the leaders home grown is one of Global Strategic’s ways to maintain a great culture and exceptional team performance.  This has proven to be an effective way to not only to provide the employees with career opportunities but also preserve the company’s family oriented environment.

Athena Dayrit or “Athens” is one of Global Strategic’s Legal and Business Support Supervisors.  She started as one of the fresh new faces with no work experience and a very long list of things to improve on.  Now, she is one of the company’s trainers and subject matter experts.

Staying or leaving a company is not an easy decision, so we asked Athens some of the most common questions we ask ourselves when determining how to drive our careers.

How long have you been working at Global Strategic?

I’ve been with Global Strategic for 7 years now. I started working with the company straight out of college.  I had no idea what kind of job was waiting for me back then, but the team made me feel accepted and was very patient with me.

What makes you stay this long?

Global Strategic’s fun and stress-free environment is definitely my main reason to stay.  Being with Global Strategic not only helped me improve professionally but also socially as it exposed me to a corporate environment with a family-oriented culture.

Did you expect you would stay this long?

I was not expecting I’d be here for a long time.  There were lots of opportunities for the company to get rid of me but my leaders chose to trust me and train me with different tasks.  There was never a reason to leave, so I’m still here.

What do you like most about working at Global Strategic?

The best thing about working in Global Strategic is the people.  Whether it’s the big boss or the newbies, everyone seems to get along well most of the time.  No matter how hard the workload becomes, I’m confident that I can rely on my team to help me carry the load.

What has given you the most sense of accomplishment while working in Global Strategic?

I have been with a lot of teams with different areas of expertise. I started with the Legal Support Services team and eventually was transferred to lead a team that handles Customer Service and Digital Marketing.  It always gives me a huge sense of accomplishment every time I get to contribute something for the department I am part of.  But the best feeling is seeing the people I have trained move up the ranks and get promoted as well.

How would you describe Global Strategic and its role in your professional development?

Global Strategic has a huge impact on my development not only professionally but also personally.  I started working here with too much confidence and very little skill.  My leaders here never gave up on me and helped me develop a lot of skills that equipped me to be a more effective agent and eventually, a better leader.

Any thoughts you would like to share about working at Global Strategic?

Working at Global Strategic provides its employees with a lot of opportunities for career growth and a great company culture.   I am so blessed to be part of this very #StrategicallyAwesome family.

Ultimately, the strongest drive on one’s career is satisfaction and having a healthy sense of accomplishment.  #GlobalStrategicPH makes sure its work force achieves these key ingredients for a healthy corporate life.

Athens is one of Global Strategic’s competitive and highly trained individuals.  If you are looking for someone trustworthy and flexible to handle your outsourcing needs, Global Strategic is here to help you.