August 10


7 Common Fears That Prevent Business Owners from Embracing Outsourcing

By Global Strategic

August 10, 2018

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We’ve talked about the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant before (link to previous article about benefits of outsourcing) and how outsourcing has become a major trend in the global market for the past few years.

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However, there are still businesses who are on the fence regarding outsourcing. Either they can’t decide whether this strategy is suitable for their business or they are afraid of the risks that outsourcing might bring in case it doesn’t work for them.

Here are some of the common fears that prevent business owners from taking that step towards outsourcing:

1. Communication barrier. One of the factors that prevent business owners from hiring virtual assistants from across the globe is the issue of communication. Most business owners from English-speaking countries are afraid that they won’t be able to communicate effectively with a VA from a non-English speaking country. However, that should not be the case with outsourcing to the Philippines because most Filipinos are fluent in English.

2. Output quality. Some business owners are worried that the work quality will be different from what they require. To avoid being disappointed, discuss your expectations with your outsourcing provider during the planning stage. Set down ground rules and agree on the standard of work quality to be delivered.

3. Online security. What if my business data gets leaked? Is outsourcing against the GDPR law? First of all, outsourcing does not violate EU’s General Data Protection Regulation as long as you protect confidential data of your EU costumers. To keep your data secure, make sure that you work with an ISO-certified outsourcing partner, such as Global Strategic. (link to ISO page)

4. Time zone difference. If you want your virtual assistant to work during your time zone, you can negotiate with your VA regarding your preferred schedule and they will understand. Most Virtual Assistants are flexible when it comes to work schedule because they understand the time zone difference and are more than happy to accommodate the client’s schedule.

5. Absenteeism and AWOL. You’ve probably heard VA horror stories where the virtual assistants just disappear one day and the client is left hanging in the middle of all these deadlines and deliverables. To avoid this, work with reputable virtual assistant companies that employ credible and reliable VAs instead of freelancers.

6. Power outages and loss of internet connection. This problem is common with freelance VAs who work at home. You can avoid these issues by hiring a virtual assistant from a reputable outsourcing service provider because their VAs work in an office setting where internet and power are stable.

7. Not familiar with what type of VA to hire. There are different kinds of virtual assistant and some business owners are not familiar with what these VAs do and the tasks they can perform. Here’s a tip: don’t bother with these VA categories. Just focus on what your business needs and list down the tasks you need help with. Then, find a VA who can handle these tasks. It will be easier if you work with an outsourcing service provider company because they will be the one to look for the perfect VA for you.

Outsourcing carries with it some risks, but if you plan ahead of time and partner with a reliable outsourcing company, you can avoid making mistakes and you’ll realize that your fears are all unfounded.

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