February 22


5 Ways Seat Lease Can Boost Work Productivity and Efficiency

By Global Strategic

February 22, 2018

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Remote work is dead, they say.

In the latter part of 2017, IBM called their remote-working employees back to office and IBM isn’t alone. Other companies like Reddit, Best Buy and Bank of America have started moving away from the remote office setup.

Why? Because of productivity.

5 Ways Seat Lease Can Boost Work Productivity and Efficiency

According to Ed Lovely, VP of IBM, “Togetherness breeds production. We found that the most productive time was when people sit together.”

However, not all companies can afford a complete office because they are:

  • just starting up
  • handling teams located all over the world
  • limited in funds
  • completing project-based work
  • in the middle of expansion

For small companies or teams like these, the best option is to find a seat lease provider. This provides them with an office space where they can do their work without having to worry about maintenance and other office management problems.

Working in an office space for lease boosts productivity and efficiency among employees in several ways.

  1. No distractions. Compared to a home-based set up, employees can focus on their tasks because there are no kids or pets running around. They don’t have to get up to prepare food or do chores in the middle of their shift so you can be sure that all 8 hours are used efficiently.
  2. The best equipment. Third service providers that offer office space for rent usually provide the equipment and technology needed for work. Aside from office tables, computers and chairs, most seat rental packages include internet connect, VOIP, use of meeting room and other facilities. You don’t have to worry about setting up this equipment because they are made ready for you. A great working environment plus top of the line facilities is the formula for success at work.
  3. Better team management. It is easier for the manager or team leader to delegate tasks and monitor each team member’s performance when they are located in the same space. The team leader can see what each team member is doing and can provide guidance on the spot. Compared to working remotely, having the team in one place allows employees to work together easily and smoothly.
  4. Improved communication. One of the most important factors in any working environment is communication. The manager or team leader should be able to relay messages and instructions clearly, smoothly and quickly. The best way to communicate is face to face- and talking with the person next to you is so much easier than talking over the phone or Skype. Personal communication minimizes misunderstanding and allows for smooth collaboration. An article from Huffington Post says:

“Effective teams are built by maximizing team productivity, not individual productivity. And, the single best form of communication that benefits team productivity is in-person communication.”

We all agree that remote work has its advantages but for businesses, nothing beats traditional office set up when it comes to productivity.

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