April 16


15 Things You Can Outsource To Your Virtual Assistant Today

By Global Strategic

April 16, 2016

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With so many tasks you have to handle every business day, hiring a Virtual Assistant is the most practical thing to do. Not only will it relieve you of the stress of juggling your workload, having a reliable Virtual Assistant can also contribute to the growth of your business while saving you money.

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Here are 15 things you can outsource to your Virtual Assistant:

1.Email management: If your inbox is insane, ask your Virtual Assistant to give it some structure, delete spam, sort messages by topic and highlight emails that need your attention. Even better, have them set-up projects in your online collaboration software.

2.To-do lists: Have your Virtual Assistant review your calendar and online task management system, and ask them to type up a daily to-do list.

3.Appointment setting: Save time by having them set up your personal and business appointments.

4.Bookkeeping: You can let your Virtual Assistant handle paying the bills, issuing invoices and other bookkeeping tasks.

5.Business research: Most important business decisions require time-consuming research. Your Virtual Assistant can conduct the initial steps and, if appropriate, prepare reports.

6.Proofreading and editing: Self-editing is difficult. Have your Virtual Assistant review your blog posts, letters, press releases and other publications for errors.

7.Presentation development: You can send your notes to your Virtual Assistant and ask him/her to convert them into a PowerPoint or other type of presentation.

8.Social media updates: Your Virtual Assistant can update your social media accounts and respond to communications.

9.Mailing list management: Do you have struggle with e-newsletter or mailing lists? Delegate the responsibilities of updating lists, sending out mailings and collecting analytics to your Virtual Assistant.

10.Content development: Is your Virtual Assistant a talented writer or artist? Make use of those talents by asking him to produce content for your business.

11.Obtaining quotes: Do you need to purchase a product or service? Your Virtual Assistant can request quotes from suppliers on your behalf.

12.Hiring: Your Virtual Assistant can place job ads, sort through applications and help you check references or run background checks.

13.Website updates: Your Virtual Assistant can update your websites with fresh content, make corrections and manage links.

14.Blogging: regularly updated blogs get more readers. Have your Virtual Assistant post relevant content when you don’t have time to write a post.

15.Document management: Ask your Virtual Assistant to organize scanned and online documents into folders, making it easy for you to find what you need.