Virtual Assistant Services

Global Strategic’s Virtual Assistant Services can help you save time and operation costs and guarantee 100% error-free output. Our trained and Professional Real Estate Virtual Assistants are fast, flexible, efficient and reliable. We also guarantee information security because we are ISO-27001 Certified.

Our services include:

Real Estate & REO Services – Our Virtual Assistants can handle administrative tasks for you. They can update your CRM, monitor the phases of the transaction process, update the information found in the MLS reflecting the current status of the property and update and manage related websites or client system.

REO Billing and Reimbursement Services – Our team can handle the billing and reimbursement for your company. We can submit and file reimbursement for final utility bills/monthly utility bills and chain of titles and bill usage for various clients, 30-day invoices, foreclosure/vacant registries and HOA invoices to various clients. We can also do the entering and paying of bills/invoices/foreclosure and vacant registries to Quickbooks and Buildium.

Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO) – Our teams can produce/search Broker Price Opinions of a certain real estate property using comparable taken from MLS systems.

Collections – Monitor the status of the expenses, which were previously submitted for reimbursement.

Monthly Sales Reports (MSR) – Generating of Monthly Sales Report gathered from MLS system can be done by our Virtual Assistants.

Weekly Inspection Reports – From uploading of primary photo to client systems for the inspection completed to directly sending it to the seller, our virtual assistant will manage it for you.

Social Media Management – Improve brand awareness, increase your website traffic, sales and conversion! One of our dedicated social media manager will monitor spamming on your social media sites, reply to comments, posts and messages, and provide the best social media strategy to advertise your business, products or services.

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