Why Do You Need A Responsive Website?

  The biggest change Google has rolled out this is year was to highlight mobile search.  This means Google puts more weight on websites that are mobile-friendly. Now, try accessing your company’s website using your smart phone or the iPad.  Does the screen look awkward? Is the screen cut? If your website looks distorted or[…]

How Do You Secure Your Data When Outsourcing?

  Information Security is a big issue when it comes to outsourcing. With the recent incidents of data breach, including the alleged security breach of Qatar’s largest bank earlier this month, more and more businesses are becoming wary of outsourcing their services to third party providers.   What is Data Breach and how does it happen? Data breach is when sensitive, personal, protected[…]

What is the importance of brand consistency?

  Integrity and consistency should be the top two considerations of every business when building their brand. You should be able to control as much as possible how your business is represented online and offline, which is only possible by setting specific standards. These standards should apply to all your branding materials including logo, the[…]


  It can be difficult to decide which is right for your project or business – should you hire someone to do it in-house or outsource it to a third party provider? There is no simple answer and it all depends on your needs and preferences. Here are the pros and cons of in-house versus[…]

To Outsource or Not To Outsource: 7 Tips To Help You Decide Whether Or Not To Join The Outsourcing Trend

When you Google outsourcing, you’ll find a lot of varying information regarding the industry – success stories, outsourcing fails, advice and predictions. By the time you’ve finished reading some of the articles, you’ll have more questions than what you started with. So take a step back, focus on your business processes and how you think[…]