Why You Should Leave Your Recruitment to Staffing Firms

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One of the not-so-secret ingredients to a successful business is having a well-trained staff. You need the right group of people that will help you smoothly complete your day-to-day processes and contribute to the growth of your business. You need the right team to implement your business strategy without you needing to manage everything.

Choosing the right people is particularly important for small businesses and startups. As Steve Jobs said, the first ten people you hire will determine the success rate of your company because each person will be equivalent to 10% of your company. If you hire one wrong person, that means 10% of your business has already failed. Hence, choosing A players is crucial for the success of any business.

But finding the right people requires more than just posting an ad and interviewing the people that send in their resume. It is a rigorous process of listing down what you need, crafting a clear and attractive job ad, posting it on recruitment and job sites, filtering the candidates based on your requirements, screening the applicants via initial interview, scheduling exams, setting up more interviews, then finally choosing the candidates that fit the job role perfectly. You need to allot a significant amount of time and effort in choosing the people who you will be working with.

Fortunately, technology has offered a strategic solution to this problem. Instead of spending countless hours posting ads and screening applicants yourself, you can outsource your staffing needs to a professional third-party recruitment company to help you hire the people that you need.

Whether you need an entry level staff member for a minor position or you need someone to fill a managerial role, outsourcing your recruitment is the practical choice, and here are the reasons why:

Reduced hiring cost. Hiring a new employee means advertising on multiple job boards, background checking, and investing in other recruiting technology. When you outsource your recruitment, these costs are all rolled into one. The cost-per-hire, which is a key HR metric, is significantly reduced because outsourcing companies have their own dedicated recruiting resources. They also have a streamlined recruiting process which eliminates the need for extra recruiting personnel, processes and expenses.

Improved efficiency. Outsourcing your recruitment means handing your staffing needs to people who are experts at finding qualified candidates in the shortest possible time. Outsourcing companies have an efficient recruitment process, eliminating unnecessary or redundant steps. You will benefit from the outsourcing firm’s pool of candidates and ability to reach more applicants.

Improved turnover rate. High turnover costs money because of interrupted productivity and wasted resources. Most turnovers can be avoided by choosing better candidates, via better recruiting process, and by experienced recruiters. Outsourcing your staffing lets you enjoy higher quality hires who fit the role and your culture perfectly.

Competitive advantage. Small companies and startups don’t have the recruiting resources big companies enjoy. Outsourcing your recruitment evens out the field and gives you access to candidates that are otherwise out of your reach.

Scalability. Companies that need extra staff during specific seasons, such as the Christmas holidays, or companies that are in the phase of rapid growth, can benefit a lot from outsourcing their recruitment process. Outsourcing companies can meet fluctuating or unusual recruitment needs based on your company’s growth pattern.

Hiring the right people is one of the factors that determine your company’s success or failure. But you don’t have to do everything by yourself. Outsourcing your recruitment can help you hire better people while saving thousands of dollars.

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