8 Tasks Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant Can Help You With

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Running a real estate company is a busy business. There’s a lot of paperwork to do, leads to call, open house tours to arrange, and meetings to schedule. Plus, all of the real estate processes you need to deal with when selling a property.

If you’re running a real estate brokerage, a one-man show is not enough. You need to have enough manpower to grow your business. Hiring a real estate virtual assistant will help free up your time so you can deal with the core processes of running your real estate business.

Working with a third-party VA company will provide you with the manpower you need to run and grow your business at a cheaper cost.

Here are some of the tasks you can delegate to your real estate VA so you don’t have to handle everything personally:

  1. Set up appointments with clients. Setting up and verifying appointments with buyers and sellers can be time-consuming, especially if your client is busy and you need to sort out a schedule that would work for both of you. Your VA can handle this via call or email to make sure all of your appointments are scheduled efficiently.
  1. Manage social media. Managing your social means creating posts, scheduling or posting them at optimal times, monitoring the comments and questions, as well as running ads to reach more clients.
  1. Design and post ads. Do you need to post an ad to craigslist or other platforms? Your VA can help you design the graphics for your ad and do the posting, as long as you provide the necessary details.
  1. Research. Being successful in real estate means knowing about the market and knowing your clients. Your VA can assist you by researching about the properties, the owners, as well as verifying legal records and other information.
  1. Proofread documents. Being in the real estate business means dealing with a lot of documents. Legal documents need to be reviewed and proofread to make sure the details are correct and complete. And for that, you need another pair of eyes. Your VA can help you go through all your documents to make sure they are ready to be submitted or sent.
  1. Post and update listings. Posting and updating listings can be time consuming because you need to make sure that every detail is correct and current. You can outsource this task to your real estate VA who can take care of the task accurately.
  1. Respond to email inquiries. Realtors and brokers get lots of email—hundreds, even thousands of them everyday. Sorting through all that stuff will take forever, so having another pair of eyes and hands can be really helpful.
  1. Appointment setting. Getting on top of your schedule can be a challenge, with all those meetings and other important items you need to attend to. Having a real estate virtual assistant can help you keep track of your commitments and stay organized.

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