7 Tasks You Can Outsource to Your Property Management VA

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Managing competing priorities is a huge challenge for any property manager. Aside from strictly screening prospective tenants to make sure you won’t encounter troubles in the future, you also need to provide owners with regular updates, as well as handle requests for repairs and inspections.

The popularity of smart devices has also added pressure to property managers because owners and tenants expect their problems and requests to be quickly solved in minutes.

Fortunately, the global marketplace has opened up opportunities for more practical and viable options to emerge- including hiring property management virtual assistants. Outsourcing has made it possible to lower overhead costs and speed up property management processes without sacrificing quality.

Whether you’re focusing on commercial real estate or residential apartment buildings, hiring a property management virtual assistant can help you streamline your processes and save you money at the same time.

Here are some of the tasks your property management VA can help you with:

  • Research the best contractor. Whenever you need maintenance or repair work, finding the best contractor could eat up a lot of your time. Having someone listing down all the available contractors in the area, researching their portfolio, checking out their websites and asking for bids would take a lot of the burden off your shoulders. All you need to do is focus on deciding which contractor to choose to handle the maintenance or repair work.
  • Help recruit on-site staff. Your VA can help you in drafting the job description, posting it on career websites in your area, screen candidates and schedule qualified candidates for interview.
  • Manage your company’s CRM. You might need to spend some time to train your property management VA for this, but the several hours of work you saved will be all worth it. Your VA can keep your CRM regularly updated so you no longer have to manually add or remove data.
  • Promote your listings. There are several ways to promote your listings online, and your VA can help research how you can use these resources to get your listings in front of your target market. Some of these methods include social media, email marketing, paid ads, and so much more. Your virtual assistant can go through these methods, as well as research the best strategies and tools so you can decide which is the most effective.
  • Answer phone calls from potential tenants. You don’t have to wait beside your phone even after office hours, waiting for calls from potential tenants. Your VA can cover your after-office hours so you don’t miss any calls. Actually, you can even direct all calls to your VA so you don’t have to deal with them altogether.
  • Prepare documents. Property management entails a lot of documentation. Your VA can help prepare the documents for you (such as lease agreements), and you’ll just have to review them before sending to the other party.
  • Manage your calendar. It’s hard to keep up with everything that’s going on if you don’t keep track of your activities. Your VA can help you get your stuff together by managing your calendar and adding your important appointments and meeting to your calendar.

There are so many things your property management VA can help you with aside from the tasks mentioned above, but it all depends on the skills and experience of the VA you’re working with. If you need a full suite of property management services, you should consider connecting with a third-party property management service provider such as Global Strategic.

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